Why AccelaMOBILE?

physician-straight-to-claimPost Enounter Coding

Are your physicians expert coders? For most physicians, the answer is no; and trying to make a physician an expert coder is typically a bad idea: bad for the patient, bad for physician productivity, and bad for the revenue cycle. This is why medical practices have a billing team, or at least a biller, employed to assist with and maximize physician revenue. In today’s turbulent environment, it is imperative that coding and billing be not only correct, but efficient in order to enhance the revenue cycle. Read more, here


Revenue Mining

With the present political environment and massive changes on the horizon (e.g., increased regulation, payment reform, ICD-10), medical practices cannot afford to leave any revenue on the table. How are you preparing? What are you doing to ensure you are collecting every dollar owed to your practice? Read more, here

emr-gap-pmsFilling the EMR Gap

The number of medical practices using EMRs is increasing daily. The HITECH Act and Meaningful Use have prompted thousands of doctors to implement an EMR in their practice with the goal of automating and improving their clinical process. While EMRs can be immensely beneficial in the office setting, out of the office EMRs often become more difficult to work with. Read more, here


Closed Loop Denial Prevention Process

In healthcare an ounce of prevention is often better than a pound of cure; this is certainly the case when it comes to managing your revenue cycle. Identifying and preventing denied claims before they ever happen is critical to a healthy bottom line. A closed loop denial prevention process is a continually adjusting process that combats the ever-changing health insurance landscape to prevent denied claims. Read more, here


Nobody Cares About Your Money Like You

Your practice is unique. Your doctors are unique. Your needs are unique. No vendor or partner cares about your money as much as you do. 

Every practice needs revenue cycle management (RCM) tools they can customize to support their physicians’ and staffs’ workflow. Charge capture workflow for hospital charges is very different than office based charge capture. How do you manage these differences? When you consider the unique requirements and preferences of each physician, the problem of managing those differences while keeping the financial bottom line in mind becomes almost overwhelming. Read more, here