Mobile Charge Capture on Your Browser

  • Desktop: Appointments

    Learn how to view and complete appointments in AccelaMOBILE.
  • Desktop: Code search

    Learn how to use the Procedure and Diagnosis code search functionality built into AccelaMOBILE.
  • Desktop: Copy last

    Capture charges with just two clicks using the Copy Last functionality and quickly complete your hospital charge capture for all of y
  • Desktop: Create new encounter

    Create a new encounter for a patient on your rounding list in AccelaMOBILE and enhance the efficiency of your hospital charge capture.
  • Desktop: Create new patient

    Learn how to create a new patient and add that patient to your rounding list.
  • Desktop: Managing the rounding list

    Learn about the features on your Rounding List including: Discharge, Transfer, Location filtering, Actions (Discharge and Transfer multiple patients at once and the ability to Hide encounters).
  • Desktop: Messages

    Messages can be sent between AccelaMOBILE users. Learn how to send, view and reply to and delete messages.
  • Desktop: Patient and encounter history

    Learn how to view a patient’s encounter history as well as all encounter history by provider or for a group of providers.
  • Desktop: Patient search

    Learn how to use the Patient Search functionality built into AccelaMOBILE.