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The New iPad, iPad 3, or Just Healthcare Technology?

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Depending on who you are, what you do, and how much of an Apple fanatic you are, you may call the newest iPad the “new iPad” or “iPad 3”. Depending on what you use it for, you might just lump it with the other mobile technology devices as healthcare technology.

Apple purposely left the newest iPad version nameless on March 7 at its announcement. 

What’s in an iPad’s Name?

Well nothing other than serving as an identifier and branding efforts. But everyone knows what an iPad is anyway. Maybe the next iPad, iPad 4, or the-last-iPad-before-we-begin-voting-on-names-again will receive an actual name. Or maybe a fourth generation iPad is not what Apple is currently designing after all.

The New iPad

The New iPad comes equipped with internal changes a such as a much faster chip, improved graphics processing unit, retina display, and runs on faster 4G/LTE networks. All positives when it comes to healthcare–especially doctors in the hospital where processing time, graphics (e.g., x-rays) and network connectivity are of prime importance. Although Siri was excluded from the New iPad and only a 64 GB option is offered (and not a 128 GB option), the “New iPad”, aka iPad 3, is still an upgrade from the iPad 2.

Mobile Charge Capture on iPads

The free mobile charge capture iPad app, AccelaMOBILE, helps doctors complete their rounding list in just a few taps. Charges that the doctor has captured on his Smartphone or iPad is immediately available to the billing staff as soon as the encounter is completed. Fast. Intuitive. Free. 

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