About Us

The White Plume name has a quite interesting history. The company was founded in 1999 with a vision of employees defined by their integrity. With that commitment to character in mind, the company’s name was derived from the final scene of Edmund Rostand’s 1898 play Cyrano de Bergerac. The play’s protagonist Cyrano was set apart among men not only by his marked skill with both the pen and the sword, but also by his energy, drive, and character. We hope that from the sales process to implementation to ongoing customer support, our employees hold themselves to the highest standards of professional integrity.

While our products have evolved over time, our goal has remained the same: to ensure physicians are appropriately reimbursed for their services in a timely manner and that their billing process is as efficient as possible.


AccelaSCAN™ provides intelligence to a paper superbill by utilizing a quick-scan way of processing forms that accelerate the charge capture process. This replaces time-consuming, expensive manual charge entry by scanning up to 1,200 encounter forms per hour, saving time and improving accuracy.

AccelaCAPTURE™ replaces your paper encounter forms with an intelligent, electronic superbill deployed on a wireless tablet, laptop or desktop PC.

AccelaSMART™ is White Plume’s intelligent, customizable rules-based management and automated workflow engine for code editing, front-end denial prevention, exceptions, variations, change processing and MD/practice-specific preferences.

AccelaPASS™ is White Plume’s electronic charge-passing technology that enables EMR/EHR-based patient chart information to be accelerated for automatic routing to White Plume’s AccelaSMART charge resolution engine. This ensures that every charge is immediately validated for compliance against Medicare CCI, medical necessity guidelines, blended LCD’s and payor-specific guidelines.

AccelaMOBILE is mobile charge capture. Doctors can capture charge data on whatever device they are most comfortable with; once charges are completed data is immediately available to their billing staff for review. Fast. Intuitive. Effective.